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How to Hack WiFi using Android without bcmon.

Following the instructions carefully will help you to hack WiFi using any Android device without bcmon or Broadcom chipsets. Make sure the following requirements are met before proceeding.


Rooted Android Device.Some apps must be installed. Make sure you allow installation of apps from 'Unknown sources' in the security settings.Supported OTG WiFi Adapter, for best results.A few scripts which are shared below.WPS Enabled WiFi (WPA/WPA2) in a close range

Instructions To Hack WiFi using Android Without bcmon supported Devices.

We still need to install bcmon app though it is probably not supported by your device. The idea is to create a folder of bcmon in the system folder and with some tweaks, make Reaver believe that the device is bcmon supported. Go ahead and follow the instructions given below

Download Reaver [apk](RFA) and install it. Alternate LinkInstall Root Explorer from PlayStore. Alternatively, you can use ES File Explorer also.Downloadbcmon (Don't worry if your device is supported or not) Alternate LinkInstall and open bcmon appLeave it open for a few seconds and then go to home. (This step is to create a folder com.bcmon.bcmon in/Data/data)Open root explorer or ESFE and browse to the bcmon app previously downloaded.Select it and press view or select it and choose the option 'extract'.Open the assets from the extracted folderCopy all the files to /Data/data/com.bcmon.bcmon/files.Replace/Delete any folder or file if it is already there.

Using Custom Scripts To Activate Monitor Mode.

Since the device is not bcmon supported, we need to ensure RfA is less dependent on bcmon. This is for better results. We will use custom monitor-mode-activation scripts. Copy the below codes in a note editor and save with a .sh extension to somewhere you can remember easily. You can use ES File Explorer for this.

start.sh (enables monitor mode and exits)

RfA will read the script and execute the commands internally. This is needed to execute reaver in the same terminal session as the script.

stop.sh (disables monitor mode)

Now open root explorer.Navigate to bcmon.bcmon/files/tools/reaverLong press,chose permissions and then check the execute boxes(all 3) & click OK.Go to tools, long press enable_bcmon and grant it execute rights (all 3) & click OK.

Step By Step instructions to hack WiFi using Android

Now you have set up the scripts and required apps, we can move to the next steps. Follow the instructions correctly. This part specifically deals with Reaver App.

Open Reaver app & scan for networks Select any one in green color and which is in a good range. For quick cracking & better results use OTG supported external WiFi adapter (If your device supports it)

Go to settings and open monitor-mode settings. Uncheck 'use bcmon' and click 'Browse' to load all the scripts.start.sh is the activation script, warm.shis the warm up script and stop.sh is the stop script.Check the debugging mode option. 

Now go back to the attack screen and press test monitor-mode. Grant root permission if any popup comes. Press OK and press start attack. 

Rest of the steps are pretty much same as the previous tutorial. Wait until the WiFi password is cracked and displayed by Reaver. 

That's all. Good luck hacking WiFi. I am not responsible for any damages caused to your device. Unauthorized attempts to hack WiFi is a criminal offense punishable by law. Try it at your own risk.

Thanks for reading How to Hack WiFi using Android without bcmon.

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